"In the mixed zone, Javier Mascherano spared no words to describe the move: ‘I do not want to be rude…I tore the anus that play. So the pain…’"

„Að heimila framleiðslu og dreifingu slíkrar kvikmyndar um morð á sitjandi leiðtoga fullvalda ríkis ætti að vera álitið ódulda stuðningsyfirlýsingu við hryðjuverk og stríð.“


A film version of stealth action game Thief is reportedly in the works from production companies Vertigo and Prime Universe, according to Tracking Board.

an ambitious real time strategy space game with an emphasis on exploration and empire building featuring tons of customization features

Camouflage Corner

Imperial Starport Frankfurt

As it happens, pretty much everything you need to know about modern fighting games is right here in this exchange. We’re going to dissect this in-depth, so go ahead and watch it a few times!

And how quickly should you fold your arms? Too fast, like Algeria’s Rais Mbolhi? Too slow, like Nigeria’s Ogenyi Onazi? Or way too slow, like Cameroon’s Aurélien Chedjou?